Tour Preparation . . . a Ten Point List

There are many things that one does to prepare your motorcycle, motorcycle accessories and yourself for a long tour. Many are obvious but here are ten that you may overlook.

1) Have a hair cut just before you go especially if you are planning a summer tour. This will increase the air flow around your head and help keep you cool

2) Have a tetanus inoculation if your last one was more than 7 years ago. If you happen to come off and get some road rash you will have to have one anyway which is not ideal as your body needs time to build anti-bodies

3) Re-apply a suitable waterproofing solution to your jacket, riding pants, leather boots and soft luggage. Factory waterproofing only lasts so long and can be easily damaged by incorrect washing.

4) Have a spare set of keys cut for your ignition as well as any locking devices you may use.

5) Buy an anti hestimine lotion and tablets for your first aid box. The African bee is not a fellow to be taken lightly

6) Have your motorbike serviced at least 6 weeks before you leave. Bikes most often break down directly after a service!

7) Find the longest leg in your itinerary (or at least identify the remotest area) Determine whether you can transverse this part on one tank or whether you will have to lug spare petrol for that leg

8) Strip all the plastics off your motorbike and give it a thorough inspection. You do not have to be a mechanic to identify cracked rubber hoses, rubber hoses that have become hard and brittle, loose bits, missing bolts, loose spokes, loose and chaffed electrical wires,  soiled areas as a result of a leak, battery water levels, kinks in your chain, worn  master link (chain), thin brake pads and check all other fluid levels. (and you thought that your garage/service station was going to do all this . .  well you are wrong!)

9) Update your emergency telephone number list (not the one in your mobile phone!) with all the telephone numbers and personal details you may need in the event of an accident or theft.

10) Invest in two summer thermal T shirts (not made of cotton). These will keep you dry, cool and comfortable. They also wash easily and dry overnight (unlike cotton)

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