After a long, high-speed motorcycle trip with the wind blasting the hell out of you, you can arrive at your destination exhausted and irritable. This can be ‘solved’ by fitting a windshield, but this is a more complex issue than one would  think.              

A motorbike windshield’s primary role is to keep the wind off that huge expanse i.e. your chest! By protecting your chest you do not have to hang on for dear life. (The added advantage of this is that your arms can be easy and relaxed – vitally necessary for effective control). 

Why would one not install a higher windshield then and keep the wind off your helmet as well? - Your helmet needs a certain amount of windblast to enable its ventilation system to work effectively. In Africa in particular you need that air to flow through your helmet and keep that your head cool. You also need a combination of that windblast and some “C Thru” solution on your visor so that you can see in a rain storm.   


The windblast around your helmet however creates its own problems i.e. wind noise which on the dB scale has been likened to a  club on a Saturday night and capable of as much damage to your hearing over time. This can be partially solved by wearing foam rubber ear plugs from any industrial protective clothing store (or perhaps your local biking store) 

The keeping of the windblast off your chest and the damping of wind noise in your ears should result in your arrival at your destination relaxed and ready to enjoy the local sites and attractions. 

A note here on ear plugs. Read the instructions on how to insert them correctly. This is a skill! Incorrectly inserted they will not help at all. Your helmet will also push up against them giving you ear ache ( and you thought that biking was easy as twisting the throttle!)

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